About me

Andrea M. Berlin
James R. Wiseman Chair
in Classical Archaeology, Boston University
I have been excavating in the eastern Mediterranean since 1973, working on projects from Troy, in Turkey to Coptos, in southern Egypt. I focus on the eras of the later ancient empires: the Achaemenid Persians, Alexander the Great and his Hellenistic successors, and the Romans. I am especially interested in understanding the realities of daily life under these regimes, and in exploring the intersection of political and cultural change in antiquity. My current research focuses on the preparation of the final publication of the administrative compound at Tel Kedesh in northern Israel, whose excavations I co-directed from 1997-2012, as well as a book entitled Beyond The Temple, about the materiality of Jewish life in Palestine in the later Second Temple era.
To download .pdfs of published articles and chapters go to: http://bu.academia.edu/AndreaBerlin