Memorial Essays

Two essays of no more than 1200 words (three to four double-spaced pages) in each of which you discuss three monuments or memorials. These essays should not be solely descriptive; they must have a point or theme, with the memorials functioning as a vehicle for communicating that theme. Incorporate information about date, placement, and design as they relate to message and impact. You may want to situate each memorial within the social and political milieu of the time of their construction and/or beyond (in the case of ancient memorials, well beyond), as well as consider whether or how builders of later structures responded to earlier structures.

  1. Essay 1, on three ancient memorials. DUE OCT. 13th.
  2. Essay 2, on three modern memorials. DUE DEC. 1st.

Please note that the rather short length of each essay will require careful thought and multiple rewrites in order to make your points with force, focus, and clarity.


Grading: Each essay will be worth up to ten points, assigned as follows:

  • 9-10 points: Excellent. The essay is factually accurate in all details, makes a significant point that is supported by the facts presented, thoughtfully incorporates assigned reading, and is well written.
  • 7-8 points: Good. The essay is factually accurate in all details, thoughtfully incorporates assigned reading, has a point, and is well written.
  • 5-6 points: Fair. Factual information is presented but there are also errors and/or significant omissions, ideas are general rather than focused and do not relate directly to the facts presented, writing is repetitive and/or sloppy, assigned reading is not properly used.
  • 3-4 points: Poor. The essay is error-laden in facts and/or the ideas to be drawn from them, writing is repetitive, sloppy, and/or unclear, references are absent or incorrectly used.
  • 1-2 points: Fail. Little to no true information is offered, no larger ideas are presented, writing is sloppy and unclear.