AR 593: Weekly Reading

Jan. 24th: America and its memorials. In-Class Worksheet and Discussion.

Jan. 31st: American War Memorials I: Bunker Hill. CLASS WILL BE AT THE BUNKER HILL MONUMENT.

Feb. 7th: Ancient War Memorials I: Greece – The Persian Wars and Chaironeia. Assignment #1 due.

Feb. 14th: Ancient War Memorials II: Rhodes and Pergamon.

Feb. 21st: No Class (Monday schedule). Assignment #2 due.

Feb. 28th: Ancient War Memorials III: Rome – Sulla, Augustus, Titus/Domitian, Trajan. Assignment #3 due.

March 14th: American War Memorials II: From Iwo Jima to the Wall. Assignment #4 due.

March 21st: No Class.

March 28th: American Tragedies I: Oklahoma City. Assignment #5 due.

April 4th: American Tragedies II: Ground Zero and Empty Sky.

April 11th: No Class. Assignment #6 due.

April 18th: America the Constructed: the National Mall. Assignment #7 due.

April 25th: Boston Memorials and public memory. CLASS WILL BE HELD IN DOWNTOWN BOSTON.

May 2nd: Modern America and the vagaries of memorial culture. Final Essay due.