Lecture Podcasts

The podcasts available here record the lectures I gave for a course on the Art and Archaeology of Greece at the University of Minnesota during spring semester, 2010. Much of the information and approach is relevant to the course I am giving at Boston University during spring semester, 2012.

1. Greece in the Late Bronze Age

2. Athens in the Geometric period

3. Geometric Society

4. Greece in the 7th century BCE

5. Archaic Sculpture

6. Black-figure vase painting

7. Peisistratid Athens

8. Athens and Delphi

9. Athens and Aegina

10. Aegina and Olympa

11. Olympia and the temple of Zeus

12. Athens and the Acropolis

13. The Parthenon

14. Late Classical Greece

15. Vergina

16. Alexander the Great

17. The Ptolemies and Samothrace

18. The Sanctuary of the Great Gods, Samothrace

19. Pergamon

20. Hellenistic Athens

21. Delos in the Hellenistic period

22. The Hellenistic Levant

23. Hellenistic Italy

24. Roman Greece