Hand-outs, helpful information, and fun links

Tips for Developing Note-Taking Skills

Map of ancient Greece (unlabeled)

Map of Bronze Age Greece and Aegean (labeled)

Aegean Bronze Age Chronology and Terminology

Summary of finds from Shaft Graves, Grave Circle A, Mycenae

Map of Rome (and the seven hills)

Rome, Roman Forum c. 2 BCE, plan

Rome, Imperial Fora c. 130 CE, plan

Roman Emperors and American Presidents (updated 11.9.16)

Pompeii, city plan

Piazza Armerina, plan

Fun Video: the unswept floor mosaic, a modern take on an ancient view

Melissa Lane, “An Ancient Civics Lesson,” NYTimes 3/19/2015: a quick look atĀ political organization in ancient Greece and Rome.

Massimo Pigliucci, “How to Be a Stoic,” NYTimes 2/2/2015: a modern take on a still-relevant ancient Greek philosophy of life