AR 338/738: Weekly Readings

1/17 (lecture): A Cosmopolitan World: Greece and the East in the 4th century BCE

1/22 (lecture) and 1/24 (discussion): Alexander the Great and the cult of personality

1/29 (lecture) and 1/31 (discussion): Alexandria and other new cities

2/5 (lecture/discussion): Something old, something new: the culture of Ptolemaic Egypt

2/12 (discussion) and 2/14 (lecture): Hybridity, and how: native cultures under Seleucid rule

2/19 (lecture/discussion): Small kingdom, big impact: the case of Pergamon

2/26 (discussion) and 2/28 (lecture): Arrivistes: Romans in the later Republic

3/5 (discussion) and 3/7 (lecture): Rome moves east

3/19 (discussion) and 3/21 (lecture): Client Kingdoms I: Palestine under Herod

3/28 (lecture/discussion): Client Kingdoms II: Commagene and Nabatea

4/2 (discussion) and 4/4 (lecture): The Imperial Footprint: the Roman east through the 2nd century CE

4/9 (discussion) and 4/11 (lecture): Buying in and Living Large: the cultural pax Romana

4/16 (discussion) and 4/18 (lecture): Rendering to Caesar: Roman in name only