About me

Andrea M. Berlin
James R. Wiseman Chair
in Classical Archaeology
Department of Archaeology
Boston University
675 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston MA 02215
I have been excavating in the eastern Mediterranean since 1973, working on projects from Troy, in Turkey to Coptos, in southern Egypt. I focus on the eras of the later ancient empires: the Achaemenid Persians, Alexander the Great and his Hellenistic successors, and the Romans. I am especially interested in understanding the realities of daily life under these regimes, and in exploring the intersection of politics and cultural change in antiquity. Currently I am working on the publication of the Persian period levels of an administrative compound at Tel Kedesh in northern Israel, whose excavations I have co-directed since 1997, as well as Hellenistic pottery from Sardis and its hinterland, in western Turkey.
To download .pdfs of published articles and chapters go to: http://bu.academia.edu/AndreaBerlin